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Security Cameras

Our Services

Security Alarm
Our Services

At BluChip, we recognise your needs and provide customization of security services to cater to individual sites.


Our services include:

  • Control entries of personnel to premises with full records for traceability purposes in accordance to PDPA

  • Manage access card distribution to authorize visitors and contractors

  • VIP Escort within premise

  • Support and assist in Emergencies 

  • Part of CERT team (TIER 3 premises) to backup facility department

  • Managing lost and found property

  • Premises patrolling and defects inspection

  • Concierge Services  

  • Audit for Site Risk Assessment

  • Audit for MOM workplace Safety Assessment


Technology We Offer 

Barcode Scanning VMS

Barcode scanning ensure proper and full records of all entries and movement of personnel without compromising the processing time.

Biometrics Real Time Attendance

The real time attendance reporting system ensures the control room is updated and informed of the manpower strength at sites. Real time system reporting ensure minimum down time for any manpower shortfall at sites.

Clocking System

Electronics clocking system will be installed to ensure officers carry out their clocking duties diligently. Clocking data to be downloaded to computer and Reports can be generated upon request. Date and time stamping for tracking purposes if required.

Radio Walkie Talkie

We have both the standard open channel radio set as well as private channel radio set for effective communications for our security personnel at sites.

Remote Surveillance Camera

Remote CCTV for real time monitoring of sites from our 24 hours command Centre. This monitoring system ensures the command Centre is aware of the situation at the site and is ready to response for any incidents

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